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TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 5.71


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TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot
TinyMiner is a stealthy, clever Eve Online Mining Bot that fills your Eve wallet with tons of ISK totally on AutoPilot! This all-around handy EVE MINING BOT includes the Ultimate Bonus Pack Collection of EVE ISK, Mining, PI, Cosmos, PVE & PVP Guides as well as the FREE "TinyMiner - Warp-To-Zero Hauler" for transporting all your mined ore, fueling your POSes or just auto-traveling in style! This innovative Eve Online Bot will help you build your own Eve Online empire with keen features such as:

"Unloading at a POS Corporate Hangar" for the ultimate profit, "Mining Drones" for an even greater yield, "Warp directly to the asteroids from bookmarks at 200km away in each belt" for supreme efficiency, "Monitor the Local Chat for Hostiles" and "Monitor the Directional Scanner in Wormholes" for the ultimate peace of mind, a "Jettison Can" option for those boring fleet operations, a "Jettison at Safe Spot" option to avoid those pesky can flippers and a "Gate Mining" option for those juicy systems full of asteroid belts but no station. The Eve Online Mining Bot can now mine them and unload the cargo in a nearby system and at the same time stay safe from suicide gankers. The new "Gate Mining Over Two Jumps" and "Mission Mining" features of this Eve Mining Bot are perfect for stealthy miners!

The "Local Chat Logs Monitor" and "Private Messages Monitor" options are of great help in protecting against human detection by searching for the specified keywords and even responding with random saved messages to convince anyone that you are a real person mining peacefully! Furthermore TinyMiner Eve Online Mining Bot can notify you by email in real time whenever something unexpected happens in your mining session so you are always on top of things! Among the newest features you can find the "Check for Full Ore Hold", "Repair Ship in Station", "Check for Belt Rats", "Find Ore Sites" and "Auto Restart" options adding another layer of versatility to an already perfect EVE Mining Bot!
Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64
TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot
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Author: TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot
License: Demo
Price: $17.99
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